Life’s Most Important Question is Do you know for sure you’re going to heaven? If you’ve read the “Life’s Most Important Question” Card you discovered that it’s what we do with Jesus that determines where we will spend eternity.

This site exists to encourage you in knowing God, your Creator, and knowing the incredible love and plan He has for you. As a follower of Jesus for over 20 years (4/23/93), I want to help you discover the same joy, peace, and love I’ve experienced.  Click here to read my story.

Listed below are some resources to help you learn how you can personally know God and discover the life He created us to live. There are also resources to help you find answers to questions you may have about God:

Click on the pictures/logos to access the below-listed resource webisites.

4 Steps to Peace with God

PeaceWithGod.net is Billy Graham’s website that shares how you can have “Peace with God” through Jesus. You can chat live with a person who is able to help you with any questions you may have. Please click here for additional information about this website and additional Billy Graham resources.



TrueLife.org  is an excellent video-driven resource that provides answers to questions that inquisitive people are asking. This website will also help you locate a Bible-believing church in your community.


Got Questions is an excellent article-driven resource that provides answers to questions that inquisitive people are asking.

Reach Evangelistic Association is an evangelism and discipleship training ministry that provides free online training and resources so anyone, anywhere, anytime can get equipped to reach their circle of influence with the Gospel and disciple those who place their faith in Jesus as Savior and Lord.   


RVA Hope Center is an incredible ministry that serves the Creighton Court and Upper Mosby Court communities with love and action. Check them out by clicking on their name or logo.

I pray that you will find these resources helpful and that you will discover the life God created you to live! If you have questions or comments please leave them in the “Leave a Reply” section at the bottom of any article or contact us at reach.lmiq@gmail.com

Please click here for additional resources. 



Life's Most Important Question