14 Time Periods Of The Bible

9 Old Testament Periods of Time3,607 Years of His-story

[Dates based on Bishop James Ussher calculations, in his classic survey of world history – The Annals of the World.]

A.M. counts up from the date of creation, B.C. counts down from the birth of Christ]

  1. Pre-Patriarchal Era (Genesis 1-11) [0-1757 A.M.   4004-2247 B.C.] Creation the creation of all things, Fall – the corruption of all things, Flood – the condemnation of all things, Nations – the confusion of all things. 1,757 years of His-story.
  1. Patriarchs Era  (Genesis 12-50) [2083-2315 A.M. 1921-1689 B.C. ] – The Creation of the Hebrew Nation. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. 232 years of His-story.
  1. Exodus Era –  (Exodus and Numbers) [2298-2513 A.M.  1706-1491 B.C. ] The Captivity and Deliverance of the Hebrew Nation.  215 years of His-story.
  1. Conquest Era –  (Joshua) [2553-2578 A.M. 1451-1426 B.C.]      The Conquest of the Land Promised to the Hebrew Nation.                25 years of His-story.
  1. Judges Era – (Judges; Ruth) [2595-2909 A.M. 1409-1095 B.C.] Those who ruled Israel after Joshua to Samuel (14).                                The Continual Conquest and Continuous Cycles of Israel’s Clamorous Climb to Nationhood. 314 years of His-story.
  1. Kingdom EraIsrael’s rejection of God as King.                                         United Kingdom (1&2 Sam, 1Kings, 1 Ch, Ps-SOS)                                [2909-3029 A.M.  1095-975 B.C.] 3 Kings that ruled 40 years each: Saul, David, Solomon.120 years of His-Story.                              Divided Kingdom (2 Kings, 2 Ch, Isa-Zeph) [3029-3397 A.M.         975-607 B.C.] – Northern Kingdom goes into Assyrian Captivity 721 B.C. – never returned from captivity.                                               368 years of His-story.                                                         
  1. Exile Era – (Ezekiel & Daniel) [3405-3475 A.M. 607-537 B.C.] Southern Kingdom goes into Babylonian Captivity. 606 B.C.          70 years of His-story
  1. Return Era – (Ezra, Nehemiah, Ester, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi)        [3476-3615 A.M. 536-397 B.C. ]  3 Jewish remnants return to rebuild Jerusalem. 139 years of His-Story.
  1. Silence Era[3615- 4004 A.M.  397- 6-4 B.C.] God’s final preparation of the world for the promised Messiah/Savior.

5 New Testament Time Periods: 100-102 Years of His-Story

  1. Messianic/Gospel Era  [6-4 B.C. – AD 33] Good News (God Offers Salvation Providing Eternal Life) The fulfillment of the Old Testament Prophecies about God’s promised     Deliverer/Messiah.
  1. Gospel/Church Era – AD 33 – Present (1,986 years as of AD 2019) God prepares the bride of Christ – those who live for Jesus as Savior and Lord (Times of the Gentiles – Luke 21:24).  ***
  1. Tribulation Era – 7 years (Antichrist in Israel) – Final preparation of Israel.  Armageddon – Jesus returns to earth, destroys Satan’s army and binds Satan for 1,000 years (Revelation 20:1-3).
  1. Millennial Kingdom Era1000 year reign of Jesus in Jerusalem.   Satan’s Final Battle – Satan is released at the end of the 1,000 years for one final battle where Jesus destroys Satan’s army by the power of His Word, then throws Satan and his demons into the Lake of Fire for eternity (Revelation 20:7-10).

14. Eternal Kingdom Era – Perfection Restored: New Heaven and               Earth (Revelation 21)

*** There are different beliefs about what is known as the “Rapture”. Some believe the followers of Jesus will be taken up to Heaven before the start of the “Tribulation Era” (pre-trib), and others believe it will take place at some point during the “Tribulation Era” (mid-trib, pre-wrath, and post-trib). Click here to read about the different “Rapture” views.

The information on these pages are man’s best guess at calculating the Bibles historical timeline and are therefore fallible, only the Word of God is inerrant and infallible.

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