Additional information about My Story

I’m including additional information because it falls in the TMI (too much information) category for the “My Story” article. Here I will share a little deeper about why I created, giving a little more insight to why I do what I do.

I believe whole-heartedly that Jesus died for everyone on planet earth so we could have a personal and eternal relationship with our Creator. I also believe that Jesus gives every follower the privilege and mandate to tell others about Him (Matthew 28:18-20). gives me and anyone else the opportunity to tell others about Jesus. This can be done through Facebook or any of the other social media services. This is also accomplished through the LMIQ  E-Cards. Click here to learn more about sharing Jesus using the            E-Cards.

Another reason for is technology. There are millions of people we will never meet or have the opportunity to talk to about Jesus. With today’s technology we have an opportunity to reach these people through Facebook or any of the other social media services. One message can be shared and spread like fire. We strike the match, God uses the flame (John 6:44; John 6:65).

The reality is that we can only have so many relationships where we can personally impact others for Jesus. However, we come in contact with new people every day, most of whom we will never meet again this side of Heaven. These divine appointments are opportunities to communicate and provide them with the Gospel (the good news that God loves them and has an amazing plan and purpose for their lives). This is known as planting a seed. Although we are not responsible for what they do with the seed, we are responsible for planting it.

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