Evidence That The Bible Is The Word of God

Evidence That The Bible Is The Word of God:
  1. God tells us that He is the Author  (2 Peter 1:20-21 & 2 Timothy 3:15-17)
  1. The Old Testament and New Testament Authors understood they were writing the Word of God. Common Old Testament phrase – “Thus saith the Lord”. The Apostle Peter confirmed the Apostle Paul’s writings as Scripture (2 Peter 3:16).
  1. Its Amazing Unity – written over a 1,400-year period by over 40 writers from different socio-economic, professional and educational backgrounds. Written in 3 different languages on 3 different continents, yet it tells one unified story of God’s love for the world – telling us that He would send a Savior who would save us and restore us to God by dying for our sins, which separates us from Him.
  1. Its Historical Accuracy – as verified by archeology, which has never contradicted the Bible, but only confirms and silences its critics.
  1. Its Prophetical Accuracy – as verified by the life and person of Jesus Christ, and His fulfilling the 300 plus messianic prophecies. The likelihood of one person fulfilling just 7 of the 300 prophesies is like picking out the only silver dollar with a red dot on it while blind-folded, standing knee deep in an area the size of Texas.  Fulfilling 48 would be mathematically impossible.  Prophecy is like an address, it points to one person or one event.
  1. Its Scientific Accuracy – as verified by providing scientific facts three to four thousand years before modern science discovered them. (Isa. 40:22 – The earth is round; Job 26:7 – The earth is suspended in space; Gen 1:24 -Mendel’s Genetic Laws: kind reproducing after its own kind; Gen 3-5 (The fall) – The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, order to disorder).
  1. Its Universal Influence Upon Civilization – life is as it is because of Jesus and the testimony of His Word. (Hospitals, schools, charitable organizations, equality for all people…)
  1. Its Life-Changing Power – millions of lives universally transformed throughout history.
  1. Its Indestructibility – it has survived mans numerous attempts to destroy it throughout human history (Voltare).
  1. Its Care and Copy – The Jewish system for copying Jewish literature guarantees its accuracy as verified by the “Dead Sea Scrolls”.
  1. Its Amazing Circulation – The Bible is the best selling, most read book in human history.
  1. Its Absolute Honesty – The Bible tells the good, the bad, and the ugly about its people and their history.
3 Tests of Historical Reliability of Ancient Literature:
  1. The Bibliographical Test – The number of manuscripts in existence and the length of time between the original manuscript and the existing manuscripts.
  1. The Internal Evidence – What the document says about itself. Was the author(s) an eyewitness to the events they recorded, and did they know what they were talking about.
  1. The External Evidence – Do outside sources confirm the events and accuracy of the events, such as literary sources and archaeological sources?
2 Reasons Why We Can Have Confidence in the Reliability of the Old Testament:
  1. Its Care & Copy – the incredibly meticulous and accurate system that the Jewish scribes had for copying any type of literature.
  1. The Historical Verification of the accuracy of Jewish literature as demonstrated by the “Dead Sea Scrolls”. When the “Dead Sea Scroll” manuscripts (125 B.C) were compared  with the oldest previous manuscript (A.D. 1008) –1133 year gap, they were virtually identical.
3 Reasons Why We Can Have Confidence in the Reliability of the New Testament:
  1. Eyewitnesses wrote the New Testament.
  1. The original audience were also eyewitnesses to the events recorded and would have rejected the documents if they were fraudulent – this was not the case.
  1. The New Testament has 24,633 surviving manuscripts with the oldest manuscript being 125 years removed from the original events, which is far superior to any ancient literature in existence. The nearest competitor has 120 surviving manuscripts, a thousand years removed from the original document or event yet no one questions their validity.

 Some of the greatest skeptics have become some of the greatest defenders of the Christian faith because the evidence is incredibly convincing. 

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