Peace With God

Peace with God is a Billy Graham Evangelistic Association website that shares how you can have “Peace with God” through Jesus. This website provides 4 steps to “Peace with God” using print and video as well as the option to chat live with people who are able to help you with any questions you may have. Click here to go to “Peace with God”

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Additional Billy Graham Resources:

Going Further provides you with the opportunity to take two free online courses to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus.

Course 1 – Know Jesus

This course is an introduction to the basics of what it means to know Jesus and live as a Christian.  It is an individual course with a one-on-one mentor called a Discipleship Coach. The interactive course includes five short lessons, with each focusing on one of the following questions:

1) What does it mean to have faith in Jesus?
2) Is there a guidebook to life?
3) Can I communicate with God?
4) How can I find real power to live God’s way?
5) So now what?

Click here to get started.

Course 2 – Living In Christ

The aim of this course is to help you know what it means to live as a Christian. It consists of four lessons based on verses from the Gospel of John and other books of the Bible.  Click here to get started.

Growing Your Faith – Topics:  Find info, articles, and advice in this extensive spiritual topics listing. Click here to visit.

Daily Devotion – Enhance each day with verses from the Bible, reflections from Billy Graham, and prayer. You will find the strength, peace and comfort you need to strengthen your walk with Christ. Click here to visit.

How To Share Your Faith – Access practical evangelism tools and resources to help you share Jesus with others. Click here to visit.

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